A Data Scientist at SIU Paris!

 Data Scientist - Fabrizio Veneziano  

We would like to congratulate Mr. Fabrizio Veneziano, member of the Paris Campus staff, for successfully completing the Data Scientist certificate delivered by the CEPE/Ensae (École nationale de la statistique et de l’administration économique), “one of the most prestigious French Grandes Ecoles of engineering and a member of ParisTech (Paris Institute of Technology) [also] known as the branch school of École Polytechnique for statistics, data science and machine learning” (source).


Data science is a discipline at the crossroads between statistics and IT which “employs techniques and theories drawn from many fields within the broad areas of mathematics, statistics, information science, and computer science, in particular from the subdomains of machine learning, classification, cluster analysis, data mining, databases, and visualization.” (ibid.)

The goals of a data scientist can be more oriented towards analytics descriptions or towards predictive modeling, and often start from data mining actions to collect and clean information needed for the analysis from either structured or non-structured data, and include a data visualization part to present the results to both a technical and non-technical audience, as well as to extract patters which are hard to derive from numerical outcomes only.

Two languages in particular are widely employed by data scientists, that is Python and R, along with a host of different technological tools such as SQL, Hadoop, and Apache Spark among others, the last two in particular are a popular choice for dealing with big data and exploiting cloud storage and distributed computing.

Deep learning in particular has become a major asset in the toolbox of data scientists in a number of different fields including web and business analytics, a domain of increasing relevance for international business or business administration students.