Current Events Launch 2019

SIU Paris Campus

With the September term well under way and the fall right around the corner, the Paris campus now looks forward to the launch of “Current Events”. Every start of the month, we’ll be giving a brief overview of a selection of classes running at Schiller Paris that very month. The objective is double: provide readers an idea of our course curriculum on the one hand, and a perspective making sense of the whole on the other. Calling it “Current Events” becomes all the more appropriate as we attempt to tie in our curriculum selection with ongoing events taking place in the world at large. The mission of Schiller is to provide students a theoretical grounding and practical skills that they can deploy in the successive stages of their careers. Course content, the learning experience in Paris, interactions with faculty and classmates from around the world – all of this and more are what make the a Schiller degree a key moment before stepping into the wider world and into the current of events that continuously make their mark.

This month of September, undergraduate students had the possibility of taking either FR 101 Elementary French or EN 200 Cross-cultural communication. Both courses hone the communication skills of students in our BS International Business and BA International Relations and Diplomacy programs. Several business undergraduates have the chance to begin learning about accounting with our introductory course, ACG 2001. More advanced undergraduate students tackle the upper-level course IR 353 Political Economy of North-South Economic Relations where they analyze investment structures and examine the political problems of the developing world. Course programs are structured so that undergraduates take introductory-level courses in foreign languages, communication and accounting as well as in the humanities, social sciences and the natural sciences so as to develop a solid base upon which depends their further progression. In the advanced stages of their programs they are called on to develop critical thinking skills through the analysis of complex issues and through discussions bringing to the fore divergent opinions and theories. Masters students advance to a point where they critically evaluate existing factors or develop new approaches to address important issues. Students in the MA International Relations and Diplomacy program, for instance, study IR 567 International Management of Resources. Here, they are introduced to analytical tools for environmental planning, examine aspects of managing resources and study climate change

Current events are ever present in the minds of students and faculty since they serve as a reminder of the purpose and pertinence of our course curriculum. The skills outlined above have valuable applications when it comes time to assess such important event like the heat wave which hit France during the summer months of 2019. When they are not first and foremost human tragedies, such events impact a country’s economy and general health. Students and observers are thus summoned to see if the skill sets and knowledge that they are honing are up to the task at hand.