Schiller International University awarded German accreditation by evalag

Heidelberg, 07/03/2018.

Schiller International University (SIU) Heidelberg received the German programmatic accreditation by evalag, the accreditation agency of the state Baden-Württemberg, as well as the Ministry of Education until the end of 2021. The successful assessment was part of a yearlong accreditation process which certifies that SIU Heidelberg can ensure the quality of its degree programs to German standards.

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golden key

Golden Key at Schiller International University



Golden Key is an International Honour Society located in over 190 countries whose mission is to enable members to realize their potential through the advancement of academics, leadership and service. In addition, Golden Key has recognized over 12 million undergraduate and graduate students.

Golden Key is an invitation only club, that you must have a 3.85 GPA and the top 15% of your class. When you are accepted to the Golden Key society you will have access to apply for the scholarships and grants that total over $500,000. As well as Internships, networking events and May more resources  plus you are a member for life, whatever school you go to, you will be a member. This is a very prestigious club to belong to and is a great addition to your resume.

one-time fee of $95 is required and payable to Golden Key. You must be a paid member with a GPA of 3.85 to be able to take advantage of the scholarships.

To obtain further information please visit or Contact Paula Vricos the Schiller Golden Key Advisor, 727-738-6356 or email


Unique dual-degree programs at the Tampa Bay Campus

Schiller International University (SIU) is proud to have partnered with the University of Roehampton (UoR) in London to offer our students the unique opportunity to earn a dual-degree through completing one program. Students who select a dual-degree program will be enrolled in both SIU and UoR at the same time and will receive two separate qualifications upon successful completion. Student’s courses will include a number of modules/credits which will count towards both degrees, in addition to a number that are specific to either their Schiller or their Roehampton qualification, including a Dissertation or Thesis.

The dual-degree programs offered at the Tampa Bay Campus include:

For more information on undergraduate or graduate admissions requirements, online provisions, and grading scales for the University of Roehampton award, please visit the Schiller International University Catalog.

LinkedIn’s New Job Website for Students

LinkedIn recently launched several powerful new tools for students to research and pursue job opportunities tailored just for them. With newly redesigned tools, LinkedIn provides unique, at-a-glance insights to put more power in the job seeker’s hands.
LinkedIn now extends these free resources to Schiller International University by inviting Schiller International University students to add these links alongside the resources already listed at You can experience these new features for yourself by visiting the URLs provided below:
 We want every job seeker to have access to career opportunities and the competitive knowledge they need in order to make their dream opportunity a reality. Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional details. Thanks!