Protocol Workshop Madrid

Protocol and Professional Self-Image Workshop


The students at Schiller’s Madrid Campus had the chance to attend a workshop on Protocol and Professional Self-Image prepared by our Career Services Department and led by the Adecco company, the largest staffing firm in the world and a Fortune 500 company. The speaker, Isaya Chacon, is an Independent Consultant for Development and Training. 


One of our International Business students, Lucia Martin, tells us about her experience at the workshop:

The workshop on Protocol and Self Image aimed at teaching us the importance of dressing and acting in an appropriate way in the professional world. We learned the difference that the length of a skirt or the buttoning of a jacket can make and how what we wear should be consistent to what we are trying to transmit. To prove this point, we were divided in teams and challenged to create the best and the worst professional look we could, so we would see for ourselves the way we would react to each of them. 


However, we didn’t focus only on clothes. The workshop also addressed the attention we should give to our body language: our posture, the way we talk, the way we look, etc. Our image is what ultimately represents us, it is our cover letter and it gives more information about us that anything we might say. 


We are our own brand and if we want to sell it, we need to show how confident, effective and great that brand is. 


Protocol and Professional Self-Image Protocol and Professional Self-Image

International Recruiting Event

Antal International Recruiting Event


Are you graduating soon in the following programs; International Business, International Relations and Diplomacy, or International Economics degree from Schiller International University, American business school in Europe, and you would like to work for the Antal International?

Join the Recruiting Event on Monday, Dec. 11th , 17 and meet Mr. Edward Moore – also for a presentation of the company ( – at 3 pm in classroom 2!

Please bring your resume!

SIU Madrid Internship Highlight

SIU Madrid Internship Highlight

3 ants is an ingenius company that focuses on protecting intellectual property content. They have made it their goal to protect the identity and strengthen the image of its clients through brand and content protection. They use Ad-Hoc Specialized measures to locate and delete piracy and any unauthorized uses of a brand.

3 Ants CEO, Javier Capilla, had the opportunity to meet with some of our SIU students. Impressed by the international education given at the University, this is what he had to say:

“We have discovered brilliant and highly capable students at Schiller International University. They are professionals who are prepared for the global marketplace and want to share their knowledge and experience. They are adaptable and open to new business models and have a great desire to learn and continue to grow.”

With this company we expand the Schiller Madrid Internship program, giving our students the possibility to join this innovative company as they expand in both the local and global market.

SIU Madrid Internship Highlight


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Amazon Internship

One of our recent International Business Students, Christian Corcuera, has just begun his internship at . He recently came by the Madrid campus in order to give us the inside scoop of what his experience has been so far. Let’s see what Christian has to say:

“Four years ago I started my very first class at Schiller’s Madrid campus. During the entirety of my Bachelor’s degree I have had the opportunity to be at both Madrid and Heidelberg campuses. During my experience at Schiller I have learned so much more than I ever thought I would. The diverse student body, the helpful professors, that even become your friends, really make a difference. The small class sizes  helped me to  focus and go more in depth with the  course material.

To a great extent, these four years at Schiller have helped me to become a better person. All of the knowledge I have gained, and the ability to study one class per month have helped me to truly understand each class and become a master of each subject. I have always wanted to make a difference and Schiller international University has given me the tools I need to get into a great company where I can apply all of the skills I acquired into my daily tasks with complete confidence.

I am looking forward to all of the practical and hands-on experience I will be able to gain during my time at

Amazon provides global online shopping from the world’s largest selection of books, magazines, music, electronics, computers, software, and much more. This tech giant whose slogan is “And you’re done”, has been a global leader for internet sales all over the world and is considered the most valuable retail brand.

Amazon Internship

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Already got your degree? Then join our Alumni Network. Through our Schiller Alumni Network, we welcome the opportunity to connect, share, and hear from our thousands of alumni, many of whom are leading and driving success for a wide variety of companies around the world.

News from Career Services – Internships

In order to help gain work experience in the US, we have been able to offer internships to some of our international students.

In January, Prashanth Ramaswamy interned at Interface Systems Inc. in Clearwater. Daniel McCrady,  HR Manager at Interface Systems Inc. is a Schiller graduate. Prashanth learned the ins and outs of IT Consulting from a management point of view, aided in research in various legal and B2B service matters and among other things helped with the day to day tasks of running a small business office. Despite the fact that Prashanth had to depend on public transportation to get to work, rain or shine, he never missed a day of work and arrived early every workday which made a great impression on Mr. McCrady.

Seyf-Eddine Biya interned at The Bay Harbor Hotel in Tampa in March and April. Schiller graduate Yana Shtrak is their Front Desk Lead Supervisor, which marks her second promotion since starting at the hotel in September of 2015. Seyf worked in all departments from housekeeping up to management. General Manger, Crystal Rivera said that Seyf “exceeded the expectations” and that he “made an amazing impression” and “will be an asset to any organization he works for.” Seyf enjoyed his time at The Bay Harbor Hotel that he stayed for twice as long as was expected!

Temitope Adesanya is photographed at the desk when she interned in April and May at The Belleair Country Club where Schiller Graduate Edward Shaughnessy is the COO and General Manager.  Schiller graduate Nora Yordanova who is the country club’s Director of Member Services, is pictured with Career Services Advisor Gloria Moranski. Beverage Manager Slavi Kratchanov is also a Schiller graduate! Temitope worked in the golf department including the merchandise center, the pool, tennis, pickleball, croquet and food and beverage areas.  Temitope said that the highlight of her internship was working in every department and “Learning a bit of everything and seeing how the operation is run daily. It was an amazing experience for me.”

Thank you to our Schiller graduates and local leaders in the hospitality industry who have paired with us to open this door of opportunity for our students.