Blockchain: The Future Of Logistics

Blockchain, the future of Logistics

Blockchain is the technology everyone is talking about today and according to Iñigo Gastón it has a lot in store for the logistics sector.

A student’s dissertation is the final step towards their degree. It is the moment of truth, when the years of studying, training and exploring the opportunities their university offers are up for display.

Quite often we see students choose their dissertation topic on something they truly love, such as the case with Ana Caballero on our last post. However, choosing the topic becomes a lot easier when you not only love the topic, but you have the opportunity to involve your internship or your current job into it, like Iñigo Gaston.

Iñigo defended his dissertation on “Blockchain: The Future of Logistics,” the first dissertation ever presented about this new pivotal technology that, according to him, will revolutionize logistics. 

Since completing his International Business degree, Iñigo has been working for Everis, a consulting group tapping into this new technology. This has given him the opportunity to develop new applications of Blockchain for different companies, driving him to talk more about current experiences during his dissertation. His most recent project at Everis investigates how to diminish needless effort in certain tasks, and even solves situations that seemed impossible to get out of before this technology arrived.

As he explains, Blockchain is the technology that allows companies to be more eco-friendly by reducing the amount of paper used in logistics, thus cutting the costs associated with paper supply. It provides an immediate response to a problem associated with the tracing, delivery or misplacement of products that many companies work hard to create.

The dissertation motivated the audience to discover more about the applications of Blockchain, exemplifying perfectly what a dissertation should do: Not only inform those who are listening, but inspire them for greater opportunities that lie ahead.