Bionic Architecture: Ignoring Tradition

Bionic Architecture

One of our priorities has always been to empower ordinary people to do extraordinary things. This sometimes comes in unexpected forms. As a Business School, the majority of our workshops center around economics, marketing, sales and human resources, but from time to time we like to explore ideas outside of the traditional business bubble. And this week Professor Javier Pioz did just that when he spoke to our students about the Bionic Architecture movement and breaking free of the norms of tradition. 

Professor Pioz is a renowned architect and professor at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Among other achievements, he is one of the leading pioneers in Bionic Architecture, designing a vertical city which he referred to as “Torre Bionica.”

The concept of Bionic Architecture is to design structures based on nature. Pioz was inspired by reading a book of biology that highlighted the inner structure and make up of different animal and vegetal species and began applying these biological structures, while merging them with technology to create buildings such as The Westin & The V Twin Towers.

The students enjoyed the speech because it gave them the opportunity to see the world through a different set of eyes. They were able to see the beauty and wonder of how nature has developed its own designs and how we now can look to our surroundings to create something that will not only make heads turn, but most importantly, will be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

As we have discussed in some of our other posts, university is the place where ideas are gathered, where dreams take form and where knowledge turns into power and this workshop was a reminder of that same vision. 

Many thanks to Professor Pioz for enlightening us through this wonderful chat, and to our beloved Professor Jose Pinto for making it happen. 

If you want to know more about Javier Pioz and his visit check this news article from El Confidencial