Bangladesh Meets SIU Madrid

They say there are no two countries that are the same, therefore, it is important to see every country as an opportunity to explore and learn something new. This is the idea behind our International Days, it gives every student the opportunity to know more about culture, history and people previously unknown. 

We were honored and pleased to meet his Excellency Mr. Hassan Mahmood Khandker, Bangladeshi Ambassador in Spain, who opened our eyes to a country and history that has sometimes been overlooked. His Excellency shared about the rapid development of the nation, both politically and economically, giving us a positive outlook of the tourism industry in Bangladesh.

He also shared insight on Spanish-Bangladeshi bilateral relations, Spain being the fourth largest exporting market for Bangladeshi products following the USA, UK and Germany. His Excellency enlightened us with his enthusiasm for the vision Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had for the nation, including Plan Delta-2100, which is also supported by the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Our Undergraduate Advisor, Professor José Pinto, proceeded to host a fantastic Q&A session with the Ambassador, who gladly responded all of our students queries. We are so grateful to His Excellency for introducing us to his amazing country.