Baking For Change – Education Nepal

University is not only the place where students develop knowledge and skill, but more importantly, character. One of the experiences that will help build their character more so than anything else, is helping their neighbor, especially if they are less fortunate or in a difficult situation. 

This is the reason why here at SIU we give room for students to come up with innovative and creative ideas that aid those who are in need. This week some of our students decided to show their support to Nepali communities by hosting a bake sale to help raise funds for Nepal here at SIU’s Madrid Campus.

The event was created in partnership with Education Nepal, an organization that helps small communities in the country get the education they need to develop skills for the next generation. In collaboration with Build Nepal, they specifically teach local communities how to build houses that withstand earthquakes and create a school with resources from the local community.

Through this simple and modest bake sale, SIU Madrid has been able to finance one window for the new school, giving more opportunities to those who most need it. We take this opportunity to thank all students, faculty, and staff who baked the goods and those who showed support and bought each of these delicious pastries. 

From Education Nepal, Build Nepal and the entire SIU Community, thank you for being a part of the change.