A Global Experience with Global Exchange

It is outside of the classroom where we sometimes find the inspiration for the future we want to create, the career path we want to follow. This is why we always encourage our students to join in on Schiller field trips, like our recent visit to the Global Exchange Headquarters in Salamanca.

This ancient Spanish city certainly has the university vibe every student can appreciate. Salamanca is where the very first university in Spain was established, and still continues to run to date. Our students not only had the chance to visit the historic hallways of the renowned University of Salmanca, but they also had the opportunity to meet one of the companies that is present almost everywhere we go.

Most everyone has been to an airport at some point in their life. When traveling to another country, upon arrival, one typical stop before exiting the airport is the Currency Exchange kiosk. For our international students, it was truly an unforgettable experience to be able to visit the office where the Global Exchange develops its strategy. 

The visit was coordinated by one of our favorite Professors here at Schiller Madrid, Joan Fulton, along with our very own Registrar/Professor/Alumni, Alexandra Aaron. International Business students from our Entrepreneurship & New Venture class, along with our Microeconomics students, were able to visit the Global Exchange offices and stop by their incredible IT department, one of their greatest successes due to their partnership with Amazon to create its internet infrastructure. The students were hosted by Global Exchange’s CEO, Isidoro J. Alanis, who also took the time to inspire our students to develop a global strategy for their future.

As the cherry on top of this already fantastic day-trip, the students had the opportunity to enjoy typical Salamancan cuisine, mostly known for its world-famous “jamón.” We sincerely hope our vegetarian students had the opportunity to enjoy it as well. We’ll try and make sure that the next trip is more vegan-centered!

Find more about our visit to Global Exchange here.